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Printed Canvas tote bag

Oct 23

8 Ways to Make Custom Tote Bags Your Brand Ambassadors

You want to increase brand recall with a cost-effective, exciting product?

These Printed Canvas Tote bags are perfect! Custom Printed Canvas Tote bag is not only useful, but also reusable and environmentally friendly. They make a great promotional product.

These are some of the most impressive facts. How can you create custom tote bags that will become brand ambassadors for the business?

Here are some ideas to help you transform custom tote bags in to walking billboards for the brand.

1. Your brand's logo should be reflected in your custom totes

Your design team should get involved and create artwork that reflects your brand or conveys the message you wish to communicate through the totes. Your brand colors and design elements should be incorporated into the tote bag design. Everyone who looks at the bags should be able connect them to your brand.

Your website address and social media handles should be included on the tote bag. This will allow potential customers to connect with you.

2. Your custom totes will be irresistible

Make your bags attractive if you want people to take your bag with them. To increase the appeal of custom-made bags, use humor, appealing colors, creative messages, and social awareness messages.

The Millennials are drawn to quirky products that stand out. Create totes they love to show off.

3. You can make an impression with quality bags without spending a lot of money.

Your customers will use your promotional totes repeatedly so they are interested in your brand and products/services.

It is a smart investment to get a quality bag that will last.

Custom canvas bags can be made in any thickness, from 5 to 6 oz to 12 inches. Bags weighing between 5 and 6 oz can be used as economy bags. These bags are not durable and will not make an impact on your audience.

Canvas cotton 8 oz is ideal for custom promotional bags. They are light, strong, medium durable, and budget-friendly.

You can choose 10-12 oz canvas cotton if you have a larger budget and need premium quality totes.

4. Your custom-made tote bags can be made into collectibles

Your custom printed canvas tote bag collection can be designed, printed, and promoted as a limited-edition collectible that fans of your brand, products, or services will love.

If you're a gaming company, for example, you might launch a limited-edition series of totes bags for your fans before you release a new game.

You could include motifs and colors from your new apparel collection in your custom-made tote bags and sell them as accessories if you're an apparel company.

5. Highlight the sustainability and environment-friendliness of your custom totes

According to the ASI study 46% of Americans have positive opinions of advertisers if they receive a promo product that is environmentally friendly.

Canvas cotton tote bags made of natural fabric materials woven from cotton or linen. These are environmental-friendly and reusable.

When you give your custom totes out as swag, include a note about why you chose an environmental-friendly product as a giveaway, and encourage your audience to use products that are good for our planet.

6. Your custom totes can be given out as swag or with in-store orders. You could also sell them as merchandise on your estore.

You can give away more bags if you have the budget. ), the more your brand/product/service will be seen out there. You can give your bags away as a swag item, or as goodie bags with event-appropriate gift items.

You can offer 50 customers a limited number if you are launching a new product or store. You can promote the event via social media to get people excited about receiving exclusive freebies or learning more about your new store/product range.

7. Promote user-generated content on social media using tote bags

Send a note with your swag bags and ask your social media followers to take photos of your totes. They can then post them to their social media accounts, tagging you. Use hashtags people can use when posting. Highlight the best images you share on social media.

Social media influencers could pose with your branded bags and reach out via their followers. This will generate curiosity and excitement about you brand.

8. Your custom totes can be used in employee care packages and welcome packs

Your employees can be your brand ambassadors by gifting them printed canvas tote bags filled with goodies for new hire welcome packs and training programs. Totes can be used to send care packages to employees that include custom masks, sanitizers and other products.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to make great custom tote bags that people love to carry. These toteally fashionable custom promotional tote bags are sure to make Aquaholic proud!